Yes! But the real question should be how to transform the constant data flow into a tool to reinvent our customers’ view and their relations with brands, seamlessly between on and offline.

The customer ahead of retail

Obviously, the customer doesn’t, and will never, ask himself any questions about his loyalty or his journey with a brand or a retailer. His concern: pleasure! So let’s use the information he freely gives us to serve this quest for pleasure and anticipate its future needs. Our obligation: be able to synthesize and make easy-to-read all the data coming from its journey, with or without purchase, its lifestyle and aspirations, its actions on digital, social networks and mobile. The goal is to build, without any big brother syndrome, an holistic view enabling action.

No intrusion but a relevant proposition

Lots of retailers transform their offer to customers in a massive fair. An offer needs to be clearly in relation with all the key moments the customer has with the retailer. Customer service, commercial offer, contact via social networks or online purchase; the proposal is in fact an interaction that needs to be linked to the moment and the environment where it appears. It’s a question of relevancy and the customer perfectly knows how to judge that and act mercilessly if the proposal is wrong. So, how to be relevant?

Efficiency-driven to optimize

The customer, in its relation with the brand, is demanding efficiency, no matter the channel, the moment or the action. Driving the relation with the good KPis, the ones that make sense for the customer as well as for the brand, that is the challenge! Let’s stop multiplying indicators in fear of forgetting some and let’s open our marketing plans to the essential and the agility! A KPI today might be “has been” tomorrow and vice versa. This new dynamic is opening large opportunities, let’s enjoy and go further on!