How to attract customers in Store when Ecommerce, Social-Commerce and Mobile Commerce are booming? This question concerns all the retailers in the world. Here are three very successful solutions to re-enchant customers experiences from Thailand, China and Japan.

  1. A Mall in Thailand offers the “Camp” Experience

Walking into the Maya mall in Chiang Mai is a relief, if only because the AC provides a nice and cool respite from the hot air of the outside but beyond that comfort, there is also much to explore and discover in this Maya Mall far from Bangkok.

Comparing it to American malls, the customer journey is nearly the same.

The ground floor is reminiscent of an American mall, with a big department store dedicated to selling cosmetics and beauty products – except instead of tanning creams, most of the foundations, make-up and face creams sold there, also contain a face whitening agent that Asian fashionistas are fond of. The experiences area on fifth floor, meanwhile, is where one could find a massive cinema – in Thai fashion, very modern and high-tech equipment, showing an array of American blockbusters. Surroundings to its viewers, little restaurants and hangout spaces are available for moviegoers to relax in before or after the screenings. Next door, a big game room, with arcade games and dance-dance revolutions. On fourth floor, the food court and restaurants. On first, second and third floor the stores from Europe and North America as Adidas, Delsey Paris….

photo PRW Moine
photo PRW Moine








Screens, Digital and disruptive #UX:

Screens are everywhere and also at the door of the Mall with a facial recognition application. Vending machines offer to buy limited editions of Tee-shirts in capsules from a LEE’s city Kiosk.

Creativity is unlimited with this kind of machines in the world: nail colors in Paris at l’ Exception, flowers at JFK Airport in New York, make-up by Sephora, Telecom accessories by Best Buy in US Airport, Hawaina shoes in Holidays spots as Bali, Language Methods as Rosetta in Miami Airport … (cf Video)

Some quirks of the space give away the very particular culture. As one strolls along the bookshop and creation store, it is not surprising to find oneself before a cosmetic clinic – “Body Clinic” – purporting to allow you to re-sculpt your body with a few well aimed scalpel incisions. Next door, another dedicated shop sells underwear specifically designed to be worn post-chirurgical intervention.

Telecom providers have amazing shops have found new ways to attract potential or returning customers into their stores: Dtac’s is plastered with inspirational quotes, while Tru has its own café in store. The winner for designing successful experiences is AIS and its concept named “Camp”, a massive space populated by professionals, students and co-workers alike can hangout, work and create at a desk or a table, in a couch or an armchair, in the big open space of in a reunion room, and get a voucher for 2-hours internet access every time they purchase something at the counter that sells coffee, drinks, but also relatively elaborate Thai and western dishes.

The space won the Chiang Mai design prize for excellence in interior design, sustainability and retail design. It is open 24/24 hours. The concept is uncommon compared to typically relatively impersonal places offered in regular mall. This initiative offers a very innovative and enjoyable way to attract people in store and differentiate the brand by providing them with a social, pleasant, creative and productive space. The connected atmosphere is positive and surely, visitors want to come back.

  1. Get the Wow effect in Department Store in China:

Other retail stores in China have turned to other inventions designed both to attract customers in stores, deliver an amazing #CX experience but also serves sustainable purposes as well. In the country of Digital

and E-commerce with such big Group as Alibaba, Baidu, … the competition is hard. The recent adventure of Uber in China which lost a lot of money and was forced this summer 2016 to join its main competitor Didi shows the advance of Chinese companies in digital and Ecommerce.

In the department store in Shanghai, customers can entertain themselves with a “Happy slide” in the atrium at the center of the store from 6th to ground floor. This innovation provides an additional reason for customers – even those who had originally been shopping online – to visit the Department store and therefore creates another opportunity to re-enchant the retail space.  On the roof-top, the store offers creative classes for children and vegetable garden to give opportunity to have plantation and come back frequently to observe the growth of plants. And by the way, make the customers conscious of sustainability and more loyal to the store. Daimaru, another department store in Shanghai, gets the largest spiral elevator in the world.

  1. Boost the sales in Japan with humanoids and virtual reality.
Credit picture japantimes
Credit picture japantimes
Credit picture japantimes
Credit picture japantimes








Meanwhile, in Japan, several brands (Honda, Softbank cellesphone store, Hitachi, Mizuho bank…) have placed robots at the entrance of its stores in order to pique passerby’s’ curiosity and attract them in store. The Pepper and Nao are humanoid robots and are trained to get the ability to read adults’ emotions and interact with them, thus replacing traditional hosts and hostesses and providing a fun and innovative attractions for customers, who are more inclined to enter the retail space after having been greeted by these robots and somehow to buy. Far from replacing traditional sales staff, the machines actually provide a comparative advantage by exciting wonder and curiosity in potential customers, as well as positioning the store as an innovative early adopter.  Softbank, buyer of the company, which created Pepper and Nao, has signed a deal with Pokemon Go company (Niantic Inc.) to develop Retail offer. Introduction by McDonald Japan of Pokemn Go at the beginning of July made restaurants a key location for players and attracted more customers. The future of retail should offer a very funny #CX experience with augmented reality. Pokemon Go could soon be the retailer’s best friend.

Let’s see!

Credit pictures and text @CecileDELETTRE

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