Today’s innovation is based more and more on the creation of new business models with the example of diverse companies as Nespresso, Amazon or Netflix. The emergence of a behavior called ‘collective’, in opposition to an ideal ‘individualistic’ that had for a long time been dominant, is now completely reorganizing the relationship between individuals and the economy (crowdfunding, collaborative consumption, marketplace, .. ).

In terms of consumption, the development of the “collaborative” behavior for which the use is dominant on the property (‘wealth lies much more in use than in the property’, Aristotle) shakes up traditional models by changing not what people consume but how they consume. If forms of barter and exchange are not new, Internet has allowed their development to a different level. The problem that retail, particularly stores, must address in terms of innovation is not so much about the nature of the products but more on the services that come with them and on its ability to position itself around the services and the use-value of these products and thus remain in the industry trends.

Alexandra Bouthelier, Delegate General, Federation of Trade Associate Signs