Among the five profiles of today’s shoppers identified by the EQUIPMAG/Soon Soon Soon study, today we will focus on the Social-Shopper. What is his lifestyle? What is his shopping behavior? What kind of marketing innovations have an impact on his consumption?

zThe Social-Shopper, or “Influencer”

Extremely connected, the Social-Shopper transforms his consumption into a storytelling of himself. He carefully manages his image, sharing his purchases with his community often through video tutorials. In doing so he promotes his unique know-how and becomes an essential part of other consumers’ buying process.

A Social-Shopper is a consumer expert looking for legitimacy as the specialist of a product. He wants to be semi-professional and has a knack for sniffing out innovation. Forums and blogs allow him to share his knowledge on topics, his favorite products, his advice and his experiences directly in-store.

An early-adopter, he is always the first one to use new connected technologies, such as the Tweetmirror, which allows him to discuss which garment to choose with friends, directly in the fitting room. When he is in front of his computer, he is fond of screening for sales, always hoping to find the perfect product.


The Social-Shopper also frequents crowdfunding platforms, as they allow him to buy exclusive items before anybody else, even before their official launch on the market.


He is the kind of shopper that intervenes a lot on forums and blogs—but unlike the Vigi-Shopper who likes to point out irregularities, the Social-Shopper offers recommendations to confused or lost consumers. Communicating his deep knowledge is very important to him, as is giving his point of view as an expert. In this sense, he can be considered customer service’s greatest ally!


In order to transform this shopper into a helpful ambassador, brands should offer the Social-Shopper the latest technologies for his communications.


Five purchasing experience initiatives the Social-shopper likes:

  • Internet tools that help users to find their dream garment
  • Buying products spotted in magazines
  • Bringing his products to life on Pinterest
  • Engaging his community with selfies
  • Discussing social media comments in “Real Life”

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