Emoshopper: A consumer looking for new sensations

Among the five current shopper profiles identified by the EQUIPMAG/Soon Soon Soon study, we take a second look at Emoshoppers. What is their lifestyle? What is their unique shopping behavior? What specific marketing innovations impact their purchasing habits?

Emoshoppers: shaou-addicts

EmoshopperEmoshoppers are consumers in search of new sensations, fond of “augmented” and offbeat shopping experiences allowing them new experiences. Through their act of purchasing, they try to live an intense and unforgettable moment.

They see an opportunity for fun and new experiences, full of emotions. They look for shops able to immerse them in a world far removed from their daily life and appreciate pop-up stores as ephemeral consumer experiences. They also look for new payment methods (pay with a smile, for example).

They are hedonistic consumers: interested above all in taking pleasure in their act of purchasing, living an adventure, getting surprised by a brand and creating a relationship with it. Looking for renewal, these shoppers appreciate the opportunities given by brands to depart from the beaten path.

Emoshoppers are very good brand ambassadors: especially when these brands allowed them a pleasant or unique moment, they will largely share their experience with others. Retailers can rely on them in their communication, provided they know how to create in-store extras to trigger a “WOW experience”.

Five shopping experience initiatives appealing to Emoshoppers:
– Watching a video and buying the hero’s outfit
– 100% automated shopping
– Selecting a car on a dating website
– Recreating the atmosphere of a store for online shopping
– Sipping coffee while repairing a bicycle

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