The Altershopper, the alternative channels enthusiast

Among the five profiles of today’s shoppers identified by the EQUIPMAG/Soon Soon Soon study, today we will focus on the Alter-Shopper. What is his lifestyle? What is his shopping behavior? What kind of concrete marketing innovations have an impact on his consumption?

The Altershopper or “normcore”

The “Altershopper” is an alternative channels enthusiast, keen onFab Labs and DIY as ways to bypass or avoid mass consumption. He sees a true, alluring alternative lifestyle in the sharing economy.

Immersed in a kind of paradox, this consumer doesn’t shop very often and wants to stay away from the consumption world which he finds too materialistic for his tastes. However, he cannot get out of the consumerist system. He travels (usually by couch-surfing), he shops at thrift stores while limiting his material possessions.

He doesn’t buy for pleasure or fun, but only out of necessity. Hesitating between satisfying his needs and the willingness to overcome them, he is hard to reach as he is not sensitive to traditional advertising speeches.

The Altershopper behavior also refers to connected individuals who get trained to be Craftsmen 2.0. The “makers”, users of collaborative 3D printers. They are revolutionizing production and distribution channels by relocating manufacturing, thanks to tools and resources available within their community and collaborative websites.

In order to reach these consumers, brands and stores should make the purchasing act very simple by focusing on the functional part. Buying online fits in well with the Altershopper’s behavior, and numerous bridges are possible between a brand’s brick-and-mortar and online stores.

When it comes to the store, brands will have to create quick and simple purchasing paths, where communication focuses on the real customer benefit by highlighting the product itself more than the experiences that go with it.

Five purchasing experience initiatives the Altershopper likes:

  • Engage his community to support local stores
  • Ask a stranger to shop for him abroad
  • Sell prototypes in store, to be distinct from business as usual
  • Build his furniture in open-source
  • Promote sharing after purchasing