Small is becoming more than ever an important trend in retail. It’s not new but it concentrates new initiatives and new innovative ways of selling things.

Small is creativity 

Small spaces are perfect places to unleash creativity. Retailers dealing with these kind of places are perfectly playing the game of trying to make their store unique. How? Simply by pushing the limits like using monumental decorations in their tiny spaces or implementing a discovery path in their stores no matter the size.

Small is originality

The smaller the store is, the bigger it needs to keep your attention at the first glance. Retailers are working hard to make small spaces unforgettable, which is a real challenge. Originality can come from furnitures, decorations or design, but the best way is probably the spirit the store is reflecting. It needs to be coherent, even with disruptive and strong propositions.

Small is freedom

More than anything, a small space allows a freedom of concept, a reinvention of selling, and of course new ways of product proposals. The rebirth of small retail spaces is proving that; with new ways of selling, additional services, surprising products and concepts. A complete change in welcoming customers, and a friendly attitude that refers to hype culture and the 70s is spreading a positive spirit that serves it all.

Discover what “small is beautiful” means in real with the store tour I will do during Paris Retail Week, it’s called the “Off” and is devoted to creativity, originality and freedom serving a new retail attitude: Tuesday, September 13th – more info here