With the arrival of Apple Pay in France on 19 July, many consumers will be tempted to adopt this method of mobile payment, which is used like a contactless bank card. All outlets with NFC terminals can accept it, with nothing more to do.

A series of stores have already rushed to communicate about this innovation, including Fnac, Boulanger, Carrefour, Total, Cojean and Flunch. Others will not block payments with Apple Pay but prefer to promote their own mobile payment solutions or adopt a more open standard. This is the case of Auchan, all of whose stores in France will, by March 2017, accept payments through the function that Fivory has integrated into the MyAuchan application, or directly via the Fivory application. Discount vouchers, dematerialised sales receipts, shopping lists, purchase history, payment facilities…

It is no longer just a question of payment, but of benefiting from all the opportunities provided by digital technology, with customer loyalty as the key. Carrefour has followed suit by associating with BNP Paribas to create the Wa! mobile payment solution, which generates a scannable barcode at the checkout counter, to be deployed in early 2017. Not to mention Paylib, which is a multi-bank wallet that will be extended to the physical world within a few months. Even Facebook is currently searching for ways to integrate mobile payment functions for stores into its Messenger application. Judging by the mobilisation of all these actors, mobile phone payment in stores will soon become a reality.

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