The first #ParisRetailWeek store tour on September 19th featured an itinerary of eclectic brands which embody the show theme of « Live Retail » and prioritize the customer experience.

The tour focused on the discovery of retail spaces which have resolutely chosen an interactive, customer-driven, and immersive approach, offering consumers a new vision of the product and creating a dedicated world. They model unique ways in which retailers are extending their relationships and exchanges with consumers, thereby increasing added value.

Here is a review in pictures of the tour I had the chance to join as “special reporter” from the US.

#1 Stop : Hello @BirchBoxFR!
Our first stop on the @PRWOfficial tour is the first #Birchbox boutique in Europe.

The boutique goes for a homey, welcoming feel, inviting everyone to come, test and play with beauty products.
Birchbox subscribers can identify themselves at the boutique so the sales team can access their profile. Others are welcome to walk in!
Special “corners” include a focus on products from Asia, green and organic products, and  a dedicated area for men.

The “Fabrique,” or Build-Your-Own-Box wall, is a bridge between the boutique and subscription services.
The Studio hosts events for subscribers and brands and welcomes YouTubers and influencers to film. Salon opens soon!


#2nd stop on our #ParisRetailWeek tour:
the new multi-level beauty & home concept by classic French department store @Printemps

The lowest level has a “Gloss Up” nail bar, salon, & detox cafe with smoothies and healthy treats.





Up a level Printemps is beauty, beauty as far as the eye can see… …including real fish swimming around at “La Mer”!Furniture and cookware floors of the new Beauty-Home-Childrens concept @Printemps.
The “La Chambre” floor is too cozy – especially for those of us with jet lag!






The cutest is at the top…kids concepts, including the iconic French petit bateau kids fashion.







Stop #3 :Hello @orange !

The “megastore” for the French cell phone carrier welcomes its many tourist visitors with a tourism-themed section. The store shows how to get high-tech in all areas of your life, from fitness to a connected kitchen with a smart garden.



The top floor of the  Orange Opéra Paris megastore is dedicated to gaming. Mario Kart, anyone?


Stop #4 : Post-lunch pop-in to scope the chic hipster frames @poletteeyewear, the French Warby Parker!

Which style do you like? Polette is grouped by “vintage,” “trendy,” “metal” and “classic” rather than by gender.






Polette is a showroom, not a store. Customers try on frames then order online; glasses are made in Shanghai & shipped to their homes.

Stop #5: Adidas Foot, a store dedicated to football (or soccer for us Yanks!) @adidasFR

This is the most popular stop at the Adidas Foot store: custom print a jersey in minutes. Your fave player or your own name.






Models like these are exclusive to the Adidas Foot store.


Stop #6 : Mannequins await the rain to stop in the store in Paris.

K-Way windbreakers were an inescapable part of every French kid’s childhood in the 80s – now the brand is reborn & vintage cool!

These handy-dandy windbreakers used to be kept in “bananes” (fanny packs). These days they zip into backpacks.


Stop #7 : Our last stop was very unique: @Luludansmarue, a neighborhood concierge stand to connect you with helpers in your ‘hood.

Lulu offers babysitting, moving, pet care, help with errands and more.

There’s even a lending library here! Check out the “livres-service” (lending library).

Lulu works with the Mairie of Paris, & it looks like a good way to build community!


The 3rd edition of Paris Retail Week ended on 21 September after three days dedicated to Live Retail. Punctuated by conferences and the Paris Retail Awards ceremony, trade and e-commerce professionals who attended the show shared their experiences and viewpoints on future retail trends.

This edition of Paris Retail Week brought together 25,497 professionals and nearly 500 participating companies.

Save the date for the next edition: from 10 to 12 September 2018

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