As part of Paris Retail Week (12-14 September 2016) 5 tours taking in a selection of Parisian stores were proposed to attendees to discover “on their own” some remarkable retail innovations in parallel to the event: amazing, creative, elegant and innovative concepts integrating technology into the customer journey.

This selection, edited as a pocket guide, has been made by Cécile Delettré, founder of #IntFem and manager of strategic learning expeditions on marketing, Innovation, digital & Tech. She is also a regular contributor to this blog.

Tour #3 takes us right to the center of Paris and “Les Halles” hosting 4 innovative stores of the selection.

Tour #3: Les Halles

Located in the heart of the city “Les Halles” (de Paris) was originally the name for and place of Paris’ central fresh food market. Since 1971 the area hosts the Forum des Halles, a shopping centre built largely underground and directly connected to the RER and métro transit hub of Châtelet-Les-Halles.  Its renovation having just recently been accomplished, it is the biggest of its kind in Paris welcoming up to 150,000 shoppers daily.  The huge pedestrian area, one of the biggest in Europe with its multiple shopping streets, attracts over 300,000 people every day. 1

Discover the stores in ‘Les Halles’:

11 – La Canopée at the Forum des Halles 101 rue Berger, 75001 Paris – check location here

La Canopée is the new architectural masterpiece in Paris made up of a huge, 14-meter-high steel and glass roof.
The architects Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti wanted to bring natural light into the Forum des Halles which extends over 75 000 sqm and comprises 150 stores. The project, which will be finalised in 2018, costs almost one billion euros, 236 million of which are accounted for by the glass roof comprising
18,000 panels.


12 –  Restaurant Za 101 rue Berger, 75001 Paris – check location here

This high-tech and healthy fast-food outlet designed by Philippe Starck displays its “Z” menu on screens in a disruptive urban style. The order is placed on the Za app, on your smartphone, and arrives on a conveyor belt in front of you thanks to a sensor placed beneath the table which geolocates your seat. Payment is made my mobile phone. If you fancy some reading material, the printing station from the French start-up Orséry can print the book of your choice from 2,000 titles.


13 – L’Exception 24 rue Berger, 75001 Paris – check location here

As a complement to its online store, L’Exception now offers a new place: physical store, café/restaurant with a digital experience. Tablets provide access to L’Exception’s online catalogue while from the changing room, customers can email their selection of items or immortalise them through a photo. Screens project Instagram with the hashtag #iamlexception.


14 – Lego 1 Passage de la Canopée, 75001 Paris – check location here 

This flagship Lego store in Paris offers several exclusive features over 300 sqm: your portrait made out of LEGO bricks, 3D LEGO creations of famous Parisian monuments. The QR code reader which enables customers to represent the Lego toy in 3D is just one of many experiences to discover in store.


1 Source: Les Halles, the new heart of Paris (pdf)

To be continued on Thursday with the visit of 6 innovative stores
around Place Vendôme as part of Tour#4