As part of Paris Retail Week (12-14 September 2016) 5 tours taking in a selection of Parisian stores were proposed to attendees to discover “on their own” some remarkable retail innovations in parallel to the event: amazing, creative, elegant and innovative concepts integrating technology into the customer journey.

This selection, edited as a pocket guide, has been made by Cécile Delettré, founder of #IntFem and manager of strategic learning expeditions on marketing, Innovation, digital & Tech. She is also a regular contributor to this blog.

The first of 5 tours presenting new concepts by innovative stores across Paris takes us to the 11th district situated in the eastern part of the capital.

Tour #1: République – Faubourg Saint Antoine

The Republique district is one of the trendiest places in Paris: artists, students, and designers maintain its arty reputation. It showcases all kind of vintage sensibilities, both in store and on the streets. It is very lively, full of shops, bistros and restaurants, where you can enjoy the taste of the authentic Paris.

Discover the 4 stores in the Republique district :

1 – Darty République  1 avenue de la République, 75011 Paris. Check location here

Darty is the first retailer in Europe to use the Pepper robot for a unique experience along their customer pathway. Darty is developing applications to facilitate the in-store relationship thanks to robots which inform, welcome and listen to the customer and answer simple questions. Mobile is at the heart of the customer relationship with the interactions of intelligent labels and coupons sent depending on the customer profile and their movement around the store.

2 – Sodezign  111 rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris. Check location here

Sodezign, the online contemporary interior design store has opened a physical store in the 11th arrondissement. Designed as an exhibition gallery, the store has tactile screens on which customers can discover and get details about all the products available in this small but well-optimised space.


3 – My Crazy Pop  15 rue Trousseau, 75011 Paris.  Check location here

“Paris’ first gourmet popcorn store” which offers flavours which are as surprising as they are succulent. Ginger/sesame, Wasabi, Roquefort, Chocolate, Caramel salted butter, Caramel pecans. The popcorn contains 50% fewer calories thanks to the healthy production process. Not to be missed!

4 – Kaporal  35-37 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris.  Check location here

Kaporal has designed a flagship store with large spaces reminiscent of the American West, a decor based on natural materials: wood, stone and distressed metals in reference to raw denim. The changing rooms resemble a cosy bedroom. The DIY space enables visitors to the store to customise their jeans. A real success for this major connected jeans brand. The staff are particularly professional and helpful, true brand ambassadors.

To be continued on Thursday October 13th with the visit of 6 innovative stores
in the Marais district as part of Tour#2.