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The secret of welcoming brands

How can you get your customer to come to your store? How can you boost customer loyalty? Questions likes these are the crucial issues for companies today. On the publication of the study “50 trends to incorporate into your new strategy”*, 2018 by the communications trend bureau Urban Sublime, here’s a world tour of brands that know how to welcome their customers to stores and online.

China’s Social and E-commerce Sites Are Converging

Whether it's traditional media opening their own online stores or e-commerce sites adding more editorial content, both sides are coming closer together in China. Photo: Shutterstock

Today, more than ever, it’s the community that sells.

In a little more than ten years, sneaker blog Hypebeast evolved into a publicly traded e-commerce platform. Liketoknow.it, an app for identifying, discussing and buying influencers’ looks, saw $1billion in sales last year. Chanel has created an Instagram account dedicated to Chanel beauty fans, featuring pictures and videos aggregated from influencers, make-up artists, and fans. These communities both share content and sharpen appetites to buy new items.

Retail design inspiration from London by SDEA

One of the ways to find inspiration for your retail design is to look what others are doing. This can inspire you with what works and just as importantly, what can work for you.

Paris Retail Week’s partner, the British Shop and Display Equipment Association (SDEA) takes you on a tour to London to take a look at some of the latest greatest store designs gracing the British capital’s high streets. Follow the guide!

How « Instagrammable stores » have become the new Retail standard

(c) creative commons

For most millennials, if they do not broadcast an experience on social networks, it is as if the experience had never existed. In a context where consumer attention is highly demanded, it is necessary to know how to create novelty to increase traffic in shops. That explains why more and more brands launch “instagrammable” shops all around the world. So, what needs are they satisfying?

How brands should prepare themselves for the age of voice assistants

Photo by Andres Urena from Pexels

According to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, around the year 2023 there will be nearly 30 billion connected terminals, including a minority of smartphones. Although brands already know how to address consumers via touch screens, they must now reflect on “voice-centric” communication.

In January 2017, Mobile Marketing Association France published an article highlighting the ubiquity of Amazon and its Alexa technology during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. One year later, we see that Amazon has once again stolen the show from other manufacturers by not only equipping the tens of millions of “Smart Speakers” sold by Amazon this year, but also nearly 200 connected objects, ranging from car radios, to washing machines, lamps and refrigerators.

The rise of in-store analytics is unstoppable

(c) Jan Mol

Visitors to trade fairs showing the latest developments in the field of retail technology cannot ignore it: in-store analytics are finding their way into the retail landscape. The technology has become more affordable. Thanks to increasing competition within the retail technology sector, the retailer no longer has a barrier to finally be able to measure offline, where e-commerce has already been using smart methods to take the customer experience to a higher level.

New To Marketing To Women? Start Here

During the past decade, we’ve seen historically “masculine” brands and businesses — from motorcycles to hardware to beer to trucks, to name just a handful — seek growth by marketing their products and services to women. The list is long and getting longer: Harley-Davidson. Home Depot. Under Armour. Trunk Club. The Boy Scouts. And that’s just for starters. Success in reaching this powerful demographic often lives or dies in the marketing execution, and getting it wrong is serious business. Mistakes and gaffes can go public — or viral — all too easily, alienating the very people a campaign was designed to attract.

Paris Retail Week 2018: 3 questions to Sophie Lubet

From 10 to 12 September 2018 Paris will once again be the trendsetting meeting place for all retail professionals with the fourth edition of Paris Retail Week being held at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center.

Sophie Lubet, Director of the Retail Department at Comexposium Group, tells us what the 2018 event has in store.

French Ecommerce Report 2017: Online sales up 14% year-on-year

(c) pixabay
(c) pixabay

According to the study presented beginning of February by Fevad to the Ministry of the Economy & Finance, online sales continued to soar in 2017.

This study is based both on information gathered from the main retail websites and the aggregated amount of transactions carried out by the main payment providers. Methodology and data processing were validated by KPMG*.

Smart Phygital: the new retail paradigm!

Retailers are experts in organic evolutions! From brick and mortar stores to m- or s-commerce to pure players, they demonstrate their agility and adaptability. They are becoming increasingly ‘smart’. Consumers, meanwhile, are not to be outdone and are taking advantage of new technologies to optimise their purchasing pathway and reduce costs (time and price). They now want to buy products for the values they convey and no longer want to put up with the separation between on and offline. The Smart Phygital era is underway: retail which places meaning and value at the centre and reconciles on and offline.