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The wave of chinese vendors sweeps over french e-commerce

In the past year or so, we have seen a tremendous push of Chinese e-commerce services for Chinese products everywhere in the West. Wish, the Californian application that is very popular among young people, has been among the top 3 most downloaded apps in France for months.

Avoid These Dangerous Assumptions When Selling To Women

Photo (c) Bigstock
Photo (c) Bigstock

There I was, standing in a sea of black suitcases at a local department store. My current wheelie bag was in dire need of replacement. As a long-time road warrior, I knew this bag would be my constant companion, so I approached the task with the same care and thought that other people might put into choosing a new SUV.

My husband stood by my side looking at the bags with me, when a salesperson approached. The salesperson ignored me and made a beeline for my husband, looked directly at him and asked if he needed help finding a new bag. My husband gestured to me, saying, “It’s for her.” The salesperson looked surprised and took a moment to recalibrate his pitch. I just smiled and sighed. It was a classic case of incorrect assumptions: in this case, the assumption that I was not the decision maker for this purchase. Based on my research with women consumers – as well as a lifetime of personal experience – incorrect assumptions happen with women all the time, even when they’re shopping alone. (i.e., “Tell your husband he needs to buy this necklace for you!”).
Many women have the experience of being ignored, overlooked or underestimated when shopping, particularly with a male partner or friend. These experiences can and do happen with both male and female salespeople, and they can derail a sale.

How does the creation process occur when making a perfume for a brand?

First of all, I always keep in mind that the innovative businesses looking to distinguish themselves who come to me aim to create an experience, as well as enchanting the reception of a sales point, federate, seduce and shape client faithfulness in a different way. The olfactory signature is part of the sensitive and emotional experience which allows to build a strong tie between a brand or enterprise and the clientele. I am then guided by a very clear project: being welcoming through originality makes the client faithful, through the offering of a unique and pleasant experience as soon as they walk into a sales point. He must not only feel welcome, but also capture the olfactory image of the company. From the time the customer walks in, magic must happen. Here, bonhomie and wellness must be the most important keys words. This, while at the same time taking care of collaborators who work at the locations and really prioritize a quality of life within the workplace.


The high demand of online shoppers for delivery outside the home and e-booking have led online-to-offline services to absorb a large part of the growth of e-commerce. This is not exactly in the interest of the pure players of the online retail sector, who are therefore beginning to take a foothold in the physical world.

Major advances of social networks in the area of social commerce

Intent on remaining internet leaders, the social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and soon even Snapchat, are each experimenting with options enabling e-commerce functionalities to be integrated into their platforms, at more or less advanced levels.

Mobile Commerce: 2016 big issues

Online shopping concept. Mobile phone or smartphone with cart on the screen. 3d

Mobile: six letters that have shaken the retail world. M-commerce, Mobile First… as terms evolve, so does e-commerce! Web users becoming mobile users does not mean that they give up their computer. Therefore, understanding the users’ paths becomes more complex.

Paris Retail Week 2016: 4 questions to Sophie Lubet

Paris Retail Week is back at Paris expo Porte de Versailles from 12 to 14 September, to make Paris the European capital of experiential and connected retail,  a trend-setting meeting place for off- and online retail in Europe.

Interview with Sophie Lubet, Director of the Retail Department at Comexposium Group 

The transformation of retail, or, the Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go

eCommerce is established and here to stay. In more and more countries consumers want to search for and purchase products on the Internet. Everyone involved is happy about this new distribution channel. Only manufacturers and brands are not so happy. For many manufacturers, it seems to be an annoying version of retail – and remains so. Deuter, Asics, Scout and, until a year ago, sports giant Adidas too, tried to restrict eCommerce in an illegal manner. For orders by unwanted merchants, containers filled with the desired goods fell off the ship in Rotterdam. The goods that well-behaved partners were able to get within a short time. The industry claims that the goods were not presented appropriately, the advice given was not sufficient, and many online retailers even sold fakes. That is not the case, as now is also known to the courts. Various tribunals, higher regional courts and district courts across Germany have decided in favour of eCommerce.

The World tour of innovative retail: #CX, Entertainment, robots and virtual reality #VR in Asia

How to attract customers in Store when Ecommerce, Social-Commerce and Mobile Commerce are booming? This question concerns all the retailers in the world. Here are three very successful solutions to re-enchant customers experiences from Thailand, China and Japan.


Paris Retail Week will take place from 12th to 14th September 2016 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Over the 3 days, professionals from the retail and e-commerce sector will come together to assess the current state of the market, to reflect on tomorrow’s concepts and decipher the latest innovative solutions.

With almost 300 conferences, free to attend and in different formats – Plenary Sessions, Special Sessions, Academies, Keynotes and Solutions Workshops –, this is a unique opportunity to explore the retail world of today and tomorrow.

Read on to discover the highlights of this year’s event.