Paris Retail Week is partner of the NRFrench Party which will take place on January 15th at the French Consulate in New York, and as part of this operation, is pleased to participate in the exciting exchanges on retail innovations, at the beginning of 2017.

The floor is given to Nicolas Brand, in charge of omnichannel payments business development for the retail & transportation industries at Ingenico.


In your opinion, what are the reasons why New York City is so attractive to retailers?

It’s NRF’s BIG Show featuring all organized retail! The NRF is the most important retail association in the world and has guided the industry for more than a century (with a title that has changed a bit). The innovations presented by the exhibitors as well as the quality keynote discussions provide retailers with new tools to advance and reinvent their businesses. Retail is bouncing back after having gone through one of the largest recessions in its history since the 1929 crash, and more than ever it needs ideas and innovations to attract new customers, keep its customers loyal and improve its methods with new technologies.

On the other side of the Atlantic, for you what are the specific standout qualities of retail in Paris?

France holds a special place in the world of retail, historically and even through the etymology of the word retail! Retail in Paris has had a large influence on the other side of the Atlantic in terms of fashion: in the 1920s US local fashion got inspired by Gabrielle Chanel creations and today French luxury products are still a reference for high value. Also, French distribution methods were a precursor to consumer cooperatives as well as the chain-and-branch, bulk-buying retail model (with Félix Potin in the middle of the 19th century).

Today French retail is distinguished by its size (a French brand is the fourth largest, behind three Amercian brands), its dynamic qualities (omni-channel focus), its controlled costs (see our progress in secured payment) or still its ability to adopt new concepts to keep customers loyal (household connected objects for recurring orders and DOOH).

What major retail trend(s) do you think will make a mark on 2017?

Definitely holistic retail, meaning a system viewed as a whole with no divisions (by purchase channel for example, which differentiates e-commerce from store retail). Therefore, all solutions that will be part of this process will resound favorably with retailers. This is what explains the success of platforms incorporating unified commerce and our Ingenico omni-channel payment solutions.

What is the start-up in the retail sector that would deserve to be honored in 2017? Why?

Think & Go deserves this distinction! It is the inventor of connected screens, with or without payment. Think & Go was the first start-up to transform viewers (of images and videos) into consumers. The commitment became possible through a simple movement with any NFC object (passport, Navigo card, payment card). Today it allows retailers to move their point of sale outside the store and improve the efficiency of sales inside the store itself. Coupled with the Ingenico payment system, Think & Go represents another step towards omni-channel retail.


To attend the NRFrench Party, the inspiring evening of Retailers and French e-merchants at NRF, register here!