Paris Retail Week renews its partnership with the NRFrench Party which will be held on January 14th, 2018 at the General Consulate of France in New York and, by  participating in this unique meeting, is pleased to to share with its public the 2018 trends in the sector.

Rodolphe Bonnasse, CEO of CA COM group, one of the three companies sponsoring the event, gives us his point of view on the major retail trends in France and the US and the distinctive characteristics of the two markets.

1/ In your opinion, what is the main trend you see in the US retail market which should be replicated in France?

In retail, like in the cinema, American blockbusters have an unparalleled flair for telling spectacular stories.

New York is still the laboratory for the craziest sales experiments, the most immersive flagship stores, it’s a bit like the Hollywood of the retail world!

The concept of the ‘experimential’ store is not exclusive to the Americans, across the whole world new retail concepts have integrated the need to offer the customer a brand universe and a seamless experience. However, in the US, this new retail era takes on a whole new meaning in a country where 1 out of every 4 workers is employed in the retail sector. I invite you to visit the flagship stores of SONOS or ADIDAS, to take a look around Warby Parker or make an appointment at a NIKE By You studio to create your own customised trainers.

2/ On the other side, what can French retailers teach their US fellows?

French specificities lie in our capacity to reinvent our classics without renouncing our heritage. If we take the example of what is happening in convenience stores in France, we can see just how the old (pre-digital) and new world can come together for the better. In France, consumers have started to align their consumption with their convictions by buying healthier, more qualitative products, less often and in smaller quantities.

As a result, retailers have reworked their offering to make it more diversified, more appealing, more qualitative. They have opened up to new models becoming in the process a hybrid between restaurants and grocery stores. The ‘salad bar’ set up by Franprix in its Rue Marbeuf store sells 250 salads a day and accounts for 10% of the store’s revenue…sources of growth which are pushing boundaries and demonstrating what retail does best: mutating in order to keep in step with consumers.

3/ Among the 12 French startups presented during the NRFrench Party, which one deserves to be highlighted in 2018?

I find the iAdvize model very interesting for the mission it can fulfill regarding the enhancement of the customer relationship. The role of the sales assistant is being reinvented whether that is in the store where more than ever their personality and expertise are key for the brands but also on the other channels of conversation such as chatbots and other messaging services which must be highly qualitative in both form and substance.

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