Paris Retail Week renews its partnership with the NRFrench Party which will be held on January 14th, 2018 at the General Consulate of France in New York and, by participating in this unique meeting, is pleased to to share with its public the 2018 trends in the sector.

In the following interview David Bessis, founder and CEO at Tinyclues, exhibitor at Paris Retail Week 2017 and one of the 12  French start-ups present in New York, talks about the company’s strategy and ambitions and gives us his expert insight on the differences between the French and American market.

1/ What makes your product/solution/service stand out from those already on the market?

Tinyclues adds a layer of intelligence to marketing campaign management solutions. These types of solutions have mainly been adopted by companies to manage and execute CRM campaigns. The arrival of artificial intelligence in marketing spells the end of traditional approaches. Tinyclues has been designed to be ‘AI first’ and is one of the only worldwide players to use ‘Deep AI’ to accelerate online and offline sales. Retailers have access to an extremely user-friendly solution which finds within minutes the future buyers of any product or category. As a result, CRM campaigns reach levels of efficiency previously unachievable. Tinyclues also optimises the scheduling of CRM campaigns over several weeks, ensuring greater revenues and a better customer experience. Deep AI is simply more effective and the resulting interactions are more specific, intelligent and relevant.

The proof? Our clients see a tangible impact on the revenue generated by their campaigns: the average increase measured across hundreds of A/B tests ranges from 30 to 240%!

2/ What are you expecting from your participation in the NRFrench Party? 

The NRFrench Party brings together major players from physical retail and e-commerce to share experience and innovation in a casual atmosphere. It’s an event that showcases a dozen French start-ups, which we are proud to be among, while helping to raise the profile of French Tech. It’s also a rare opportunity to meet a number of top decision-makers from the French retail world and discuss in an informal setting the potential synergies between companies.

3/ In terms of your activity, what are the main differences between the American and French markets?

Since opening our American offices in New York a few weeks ago, we have noticed a high level of interest from North American retailers who – just like French retailers – are having to face competition from Amazon. In the United States, as in Europe, retail marketers have similar priorities: they must above all increase the revenue generated by CRM campaigns while preserving customer experience and customer loyalty. But as the number of communications received by consumers continues to rise, conversion rates have started to stagnate, or even fall. This is where AI steps in. By identifying the future buyers for each offer, brand or product to be promoted, Tinyclues’ intelligent targeting and marketing agenda optimisation solution boosts the performances of marketing campaigns and enables marketers to achieve even more ambitious objectives. With the strength of the American retail market, differences in scale enable us to envision even greater sales growth in the US.

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Save the date for the next Paris Retail Week show from 10 to 12 September 2018

For its 4th edition, the biggest European trade event will take its full scope and will gather in Pavilion 1 of Paris expo Porte de Versaillethe e-commerce sector, dedicated to solutions for e-retailers, ranging from digital marketing to logistics, and the Store / Equipmag sector, dedicated to physical commerce and distribution.

Pour sa quatrième édition le plus grand événement retail européen de la rentrée prendra toute son envergure et réunira dans le Pavillion 1 de la Porte de Versailles le secteur E-Commerce, dédié aux solutions e-commerce, du digital marketing à la logistique et du secteur Store / Equipmag, dédié au commerce physique et à la distribution.