Paris Retail Week renews its partnership with the NRFrench Party which will be held on January 14th, 2018 at the General Consulate of France in New York and, by participating in this unique meeting, is pleased to to share with its public the 2018 trends in the sector.

In the following interview Alix de Sagazan, Co-founder of AB Tasty, exhibitor at Paris Retail Week 2017 and one of the 12  French start-ups present in New York, talks about the company’s strategy and ambitions and gives us her expert insight on the differences between the French and American market.

1/ What makes your product/solution/service stand out from those already on the market?

AB Tasty is a platform dedicated to conversion optimization, including insights, A/B testing, personalization and marketing widgets for your websites in order to engage users.
AB Tasty helps you improve your conversion rates quickly and without technical knowledge, by providing an easy-to-use, stable and secure tool, with a powerful system to analyze the data collected on your site.

You can understand the behaviors and habits of your users by analyzing their actions (heatmaps) or by questioning them directly (NPS).
This data will allow you to test your site (A/B tests, multi-page or MVT) to optimize it and answer UX and customer satisfaction issues.
The data helps you to end debates about the color of a button, the position of a block, or the offer to put forward.

You can also set up marketing campaigns in a few clicks to liven up your site during high traffic periods, always independently. For example, you can add a countdown banner on your site before Christmas  to instill a sense of urgency with your users who are reluctant to take action.

Finally, you can customize your site according to multiple criteria (age, gender, visitor loyalty, basket amount, time spent on the site, …) to give your users the best experience possible when they browse online.

2/ What are you expecting from your participation in the NRFrench Party?

We hope to be able to talk to other entrepreneurs similar to us who are also living in the United States, who are also looking to expand their French company in the U.S.

Our exchanges will help us to understand the specificities of the American market.

3/ In terms of your activity, what are the main differences between the American and French markets?

In the United States, everything is bigger: more websites, more visitors, more resources, and above all a greater maturity of retailers in terms of digital transformation and big data. It is also a market where competition is very strong.

This arrival on the American market gives us the opportunity to evolve our product roadmap to satisfy a more mature target, for ROI that will allow us to develop a world-class product instead of a product that only meets local expectations. If the product is well received in the US, it should be everywhere!

We remain confident in our ability to conquer this market, as the audience we are addressing is quite similar in both the United States and Europe.

We have built our solution for and with our customers to answer their business issues (increase ROI), operational needs (gain agility and autonomy) and technical expectations (stable data and performance of the tool).

Our expertise in the European market allows us to arrive prepared.

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Save the date for the next Paris Retail Week show from 10 to 12 September 2018

For its 4th edition, the biggest European trade event will take its full scope and will gather in Pavilion 1 of Paris expo Porte de Versaillethe e-commerce sector, dedicated to solutions for e-retailers, ranging from digital marketing to logistics, and the Store / Equipmag sector, dedicated to physical commerce and distribution.

Pour sa quatrième édition le plus grand événement retail européen de la rentrée prendra toute son envergure et réunira dans le Pavillion 1 de la Porte de Versailles le secteur E-Commerce, dédié aux solutions e-commerce, du digital marketing à la logistique et du secteur Store / Equipmag, dédié au commerce physique et à la distribution.