When it comes to growing your business with the world’s most powerful consumers, are you behind the curve, keeping up or leading the pack? The following six questions are a great way to kick-start your thinking, whether marketing to women is a new effort for your company or you’re building on a strong base.

  1. Do you know the gender split of your customer base? This is a simple question, but I’ve found that many organizations – even large ones – don’t know the answer. Without this data, it’s difficult to determine whether your share of the women’s market is going up or down, or to benchmark the effectiveness of new initiatives.
  2. Do you know the gender split of customer service inquiries? This is another key piece of information that’s often overlooked. If you can look at the gender split of inquiries, you may identify differences in customer feedback that can give you valuable insights for service improvement, product design and marketing messages for all your customers.
  3. Have you conducted consumer research within the last three years?  Consumer journeys are changing fast.  You may have competitors now that didn’t exist three years ago. Your customers may have new expectations, too. If you haven’t conducted market research in the last three years, now would be a excellent time to do so.
  4. Do you have an inclusive method of sales training? Many classic sales training programs have been developed without insights from women as clients and customers. Revisit your sales training to ensure it encompasses women’s viewpoints as well as those of your male customers. Without an inclusive program, your team is at risk of missing communication skills that will enable them to connect with a critical segment of buyers, and at worst, may alienate the very people you’re trying to attract.
  5. Does your “human factors” engineering include “female factors” as well? Throughout history and even today, many products marketed to women have been launched without being tested by women or ergonomically designed for women’s use. At the risk of stating the obvious, this is a recipe for lackluster results.
  6. Are you striving for diverse teams internally? Do women hold leadership positions in marketing, sales and product design in your organization? Research from McKinsey – and many others – show that gender-balanced teams lead to stronger results.

At my firm, we use these six questions to help jump start ideas and opportunity prioritization with our clients. Whether these questions serve as starting point or check-in point for you, knowing where your business stands provides a strong foundation from which to grow.

 Article originally published on www.Forbes.com

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