The French Gastronomy has some very nice stores to discover in Paris as Maison Plisson, La Grande Epicerie, Fauchon, Hediard, Lafayette Gourmet…

A new store will open in Paris in 2018 in the beautiful and trendy area of “Le Marais”, close to BHV Marais, in the center of Paris: Eataly! This famous Italian retailer has a partnership with Galéries Lafayette (the owner of BHV and Lafayette Gourmet) to open this new lifestyle store.

Eataly was founded in 2004 by Oscar Farinetti in Cueno and got recognition from all over the world for its creativity and originality. This brand is one of the most awarded brands ever created in Europe. Eataly won several prizes for innovation in retail.

Eataly has 27 stores in the world: 16 in Italy, 2 in the USA (New York, Chicago), 1 in Turkey, 3 in Japan, 2 in South Korea, 1 in EAU, 1 in Brazil,… and in Munich/Germany where Eataly opened its first European store, outside Italy.

This new store is located in the South of Munich, in the location of the previous marketplace called Schrannenhalle. It has two floors, nine restaurants, two cafes, a cookery school and a private event space. The steel structure is the same as the original, but completely renovated and modernized. The specificity of Eataly in Munich is to open a bicycle store in order to adapt the concept to the local customers who are very used to cycling in the city.

The store is so large that people can easily spend half a day inside. The experiences and the customer journeys are full of surprises. Each Eataly has a special local spirit depending on the city.

EATALY_inside view1

The brand became famous with Eataly New York, the first Life Style concept store located on 23rd street and 5th avenue. It is one of the most visited stores in Manhattan. Every store is different: the Milano store for example is also a place to visit because it has a special architecture and customers have the possibility to listen to concerts. The Eataly Chicago store hosts the first Nutella Bar…

The concept of Eataly is to enhance the best of Italy’s life style with Restaurants, fresh food (Pasta, Cheese, ham, vegetable and fruits), bread, a large choice of oil, coffee selections, ice cream “gelateria”, cakes, kitchen accessories, travel offers, wine selections, library with cooking books, etc. In Eataly, customers can also get the experience of cooking classes, music and special entertainment. Merchandising respects the concept of a market place, the store is very clear and consumers enjoy the experience.

EATALY_inside view2

Oscar Farnetti, the founder of Eataly concept is very pleased to emphasize that he wants to build several stores in Europe. Eataly is also very active with the different customer communities on social networks as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; you can follow with @EatalyNYC @EatalyIT @EatalyChicago @EatalyRoma.

We are looking forward to Paris’ Eataly in 2018!

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