I love Retail! But does Retail love me?

Retail is not an easy business, especially today with all the changes in behaviors, technology and demand/offer. It has to be agile but also in a constant self reinvention. It needs to generate pleasure and envy not only because it’s its job but also because it has become a sort of leisure asset mixed with a media attitude. This complexity makes Retail a new paradigm in our society that is mainly controlled by customers in opposition to its old model. Retail is no longer a static thing, it’s now a kind of entity that lives through frontiers, channels, time and places. It must be incarnated in all this elements, with two things in common: the spirit and experience it generates.

So what do we have in return by being retail addicts? Do we get the satisfaction we are looking for and the pleasure we are paying for?

We perfectly know that retailers are business guys and that making us buy is their final strategy so let’s make them also understand our strategy!

I want to enjoy my journey with your brand. Make it cool and exceptional! I will pay!

I need to have a break from my usual life when I go shopping. Make it smooth and joyful! I will tell!

I want to feel unique with my shopping experience. Make it memorable! I will remember!

So the answer is yes! Retail loves me! Why? Simply because retailers do understand our needs which are the only key to their success! They are experimenting new things, trying to be more in the experience rather than in the simple act of paying. They do also understand that it’s now a never ending and stimulating journey, so let’s enjoy what they have to offer and stop complaining!