It has become clear over the last few years, that customers prefer businesses, that offer a combination of digital commerce and retail. They want to benefit from the best of both worlds: to be able to shop whenever and wherever they want and to get professional customer consulting as they like. Therefore, it is completely unnecessary for the retail to be afraid of the digital commerce. Both business concepts have far more in common than they think. This means, that successful future commerce will always include several strategies, concepts and channels.

Don’t fear the digital commerce – Retail will not become extinct

Still many shop owners are afraid of the digital commerce. Obviously they have the notion, that within few years everybody will shop via smartphone or tablet and all shopping malls and centers of commerce will turn into ghosttowns. But neither intends the digital commerce to do so, nor is he able to make retail extinct. Best example of this is the book commerce. It is true, that many people enjoy shopping books mobile and that sales figures in this part of commerce rose incredibly within the past years. However, book stores offer a friendly, homelike atmosphere and  booksellers consult customers individually and competent. Customers know the value of such stores and shop there with pleasure and frequently.

Retail an digital commerce are siblings, not strangers

Usually it is assumed, that people have different interests, when shopping online or in a local shop. The digital commerce is supposed to be very cheap and comfortable, while retail offers professional consulting and makes it possible, to take the products right away. A study by German “GfK”, however, shows, that customers have very similar expectations, when shopping online or in a local shop. For example, 28% think that shopping online is far more easy, while 33% think, that it is less complicated to shop in a local store. 25% have the feeling, that information on the internet are better, whereas 22% trust information from retail more. The differences are so minimal, that it is almost impossible to distinguish digital commerce and retail. This means, the two forms of commerce are much more similar than many expect.

Future commerce means fusing digital commerce and retail

For modern businesses it is crucial to understand, that digital commerce and retail are two sides of the same coin. Shops in retail must stop to be afraid of the digital commerce and to use elements such as local SEO. Online shops, on the other hand, should start to offer solid information such as pictures, product details and background facts and to focus on the customers experience. Future success in commerce is only possible, if several channels are used to excite customers and to equip them with all the information they need.

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