Earlier this year, E-commerce One-to-One and Content Square revealed the different surfing habits of Internet users worldwide in their international study.

We all know that quality, price, design, customer service, terms and conditions and other factors have a significant impact on how users purchase on e-commerce platforms. But move from one country to another and the rules change completely. Understanding the foreign user’s experience is now a key factor for online retailers’ competitiveness. Translating their website is no longer enough!
The Spanish people have preferred cash payment for a long time. In stores, they are very attached to the social aspect of purchasing. We can find the same behavior in online commerce, where this liveliness can be found through customer reviews, blogs and forums. Recommendations and community focus are key factors for buying online.

Thus, Spanish people buy less online. The e-commerce market is less mature in Spain. Studied Spanish websites have the lowest cart achievement rate*, right after Italy. In the clothing industry, if a British person has a 9% chance to open the cart page, a Spanish person will only have a 1.5% chance.
It is therefore recommended that Spanish online merchants offer customer testimonials and social widgets if they want to engage Spanish Internet users.

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