Earlier this year, E-commerce One to One and Content Square revealed the different surfing habits of Internet users worldwide in their international study.

We all know that quality, price, design, customer service, terms and conditions and other factors have a significant impact on how users purchase on e-commerce platforms. But move from one country to another and the rules change completely. Understanding the foreign user’s experience is now a key factor for online retailers’ competitiveness. Translating their website is no longer enough!

First of all, the study reveals a market specificity: Italian people tend to buy more services (leisure services, travel, etc.) than physical goods online.

Second of all, results show that as Internet users, Italians need to visit repeatedly an e-commerce website the most before finally deciding on a purchase – 5 visits on average versus 4 in other countries (+25%). For Italian websites that sell clothing, we sometimes observe a conversion rate* as low as half the average rate for comparable French sites – 0.8% versus 1.6%.

The study also reveals that when Italian Internet users reach a product’s page, conversion rates only increase to around 30%, compared to about 50% for French, British and German websites.

Italians use the “add to cart” function more like a wish list. They don’t hesitate to add two or more products each session they come to prospect.

For these reasons, it is recommended for e-commerce companies expanding into Italy to offer wish list modules, or “add to favorites” options.
*Percentage of purchases on a website compared to the number of unique visitors

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