Earlier this year, E-commerce One to One and Content Square revealed the different surfing habits of Internet users worldwide in their international study.

We all know that quality, price, design, customer service, terms and conditions and other factors have a significant impact on how users purchase on e-commerce platforms. But move from one country to another and the rules change completely. Understanding the foreign user’s experience is now a key factor for online retailers’ competitiveness. Translating their website is no longer enough!

The British people are known to be amongst the biggest online consumers in Europe, with a strong web knowledge and fluency. They are particularly fond of branding and funny content.

The results of the study reveal that they take their time to read and search for pages items. In fact, they are more in an observation mode and make few movements with their mouse – they don’t scroll and click much at all. Their activity rate* is pretty low – 15% less than the worldwide average.

As a consequence, British people are straightforward. They have a good comprehension of the items on a website and are quicker to buy. They hesitate** 12% less than French people to click and purchase.

It is recommended that any online merchant who wants to expand into the UK highlights decisive elements for purchase.

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*Interaction time / page display time

** Average hesitation time between reading the page and clicking on an item