Earlier this year, E-commerce One to One and Content Square revealed the different surfing habits of Internet users worldwide in their international study.

We all know that quality, price, design, customer service, terms and conditions and other factors have a significant impact on how users purchase on e-commerce platforms. But move from one country to another and the rules change completely. Understanding the foreign user’s experience is now a key factor for online retailers’ competitiveness. Translating their website is no longer enough!

American Internet users are very sensitive to customization and online services, such as live chat, 24/7 hotlines, quick answers on social media, etc. Consider another growing trend in the US market –same day delivery – and the message is clear: Americans want it now.

The study’s results also show that Americans visit a website’s homepage the most when they are surfing a website, averaging almost twice per session.

In fact, even if they don’t always start surfing on the homepage (which happens fewer than 50% of website visits, versus 65% on average for other countries), they purposefully visit it later as a navigation tool.

Therefore it is recommended that anyone who wants to expand in the United States provides strong its tools that help surfing on the homepage of their website.

German purchasing habits

Spanish purchasing habits

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British purchasing habits

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