Earlier this year, E-commerce One to One and Content Square revealed the different surfing habits of Internet users worldwide in their international study.

We all know that quality, price, design, customer service, terms and conditions and other factors have a significant impact on how users purchase on e-commerce platforms. But move from one country to another and the rules change completely. Understanding the foreign user’s experience is now a key factor for online retailers’ competitiveness. Translating their website is no longer enough!

The French people definitely prefer to pay for their purchases with credit or debit cards. The majority of French Internet users would rather have goods delivered to their homes, but the “click and collect” trend is also a huge success in France.

The French also use filtering and “sort by price” features a lot. They are the ones that click the most on those features – 60% more than other Europeans. In fact, the price dimension is essential for French Internet users. They have the reputation of being attracted by low prices and free delivery.

For successful online commerce in France, it is necessary to highlight the prices throughout the user’s purchasing journey.

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