E-commerce One to One and Content Square revealed early in this year the different surfing habits of Internet users worldwide through an international study.

Quality and price of the product, design, customer service, terms and conditions: These ecommerce features have more or less significant impacts on a country’s purchasing act to another. Understanding the user experience has become a factor of competitiveness for online retailers: translate its website is no longer enough!

The German Internet users are known to be loyal, reliable, with deep average basket and order regularly. What is it really?

The study reveals that German users frequently ask about the return terms, the free return is legal in Germany. Furthermore, more than one in five German reads terms and conditions before purchasing.

The results of this study also reveal that a visitor sees on average, 35 pages before buying on a textile e-commerce website, a German sees 45.

Besides, a German has 5 times more likely than a French to interact with a reinsurance element in from the product page. Therefore it is essential for them to know the terms of delivery and return because they prefer try it at home and return products (return rate around 50%).

Thus it is recommended that all actors implanted in Germany or being implemented to highlight on reinsurance elements and the terms and conditions in the purchase tunnel.

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