Luc Dol, President, Enseigne & innovation Club


“If innovation is the implementation of innovative ideas, specific researches to be consistent with an increasingly polymorphous and unloyal Customer’s expectations; Innovation therefore requires novelty compared to what is already offered and not an adaptation of the existing offer, even if….

Innovation in retail is divided into four segments: the commercial flow, the product, the service, and the point of sale’s storyboard. These items are applicable for both dematerialized channels and stores. The point of sale becomes a multimodal connected platform, and a distribution channel in itself. The digital side keeps its own place in the customer’s universe who needs to “touch” and “feel” his purchase.

Innovation no longer appears as a choice but becomes a real constraint, continuous and iterative. The reflected spontaneity of the changing markets, often anticipated, forces networks and developers to adopt offensive strategies, mirror of a reality moving constantly. What a challenge! Declining it would mean excluding itself. “

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Project owner for fifteen years, he is a manager specializing in commercial architecture, engineering work and sustainability of real estate assets of multi-site distribution companies. His work focuses on four areas of expertise: 1. The architecture & design, through the creation of concepts in line with consumer expectations, needs of marketing, operational constraints and regulatory obligations. 2. The study of the technical feasibility & cost estimation, the definition of investment properties. 3. The deployment of a concept, the architectural and technical project until control procedures, with the control of the adequacy of deadlines / investments. 4. Construction & maintenance engineering, verification of compliance with the concept, the control and costs quality, the definition of the asset strategy. He is also Chairman of the Club Enseigne & Innovation, the association of the technical departments of the retail brands. He is also speaker and jury in NEGOCIA Business School on the organization of the point of sale and technical building.