Anne-Marie Sargueil, President, L’institut français du design


‘Janus du Commerce’ jury observe innovations happening within their business but also among their partners*. This converging views though allow to select the best approaches.

Always looking for innovations in the retail industry, both for retailers and consumers.

What is the Janus jury expecting from a retail innovation? It is pretty simple to improve what already exists. This innovation must be:

– Surprising: by setting up artistic or multimedia animations to drive the shopper journey or to support break time in shopping centers, for example.

– Taking the customer into account: with a qualitative welcoming, advice adapted to the customer specific needs, more transparency to clarify the offers and to make their choice easier, as well as an offer of additional services (delivery, personal shopper …) ,

– Interacting with the point of sale and the customer, by monitoring the relationship, keeping a purchase history, creating applications to inform and facilitate the purchasing act in the point of sale, and also experiential devices.

Tomorrow’s selling points should not only be places where one buys products or services, they should also become places of life, discussions, where one enjoys spending time.