When we are talking about customer experience, the first thing is to be clear about what we are expecting as retailers or brands from this experience. Are we looking for loyalty, money, advocacy … all of these? Probably all, just because the customer journey is now a full ride with a brand, that needs to be evaluated as a pure relationship made of facts and data.

Each time a customer as a contact with a brand whatever the channel he uses, this action, based on simple facts, generates data. The question is do we perfectly analyse or consider, as it has to be, these facts and data? Facts are data, data is based on facts, we do have to stick on one simple thing about this evidence, this is the perfect reflection of our customers! So lets simply implement tools dedicated to this!

How? First all the data we collect needs to be fact based essentially, it has to be the perfect reflection of how our customers are interacting with our brands. Secondly our data management needs to be simple, easy to understand and decision making oriented. That means to be very exclusive in the way we choose the relevant data and how we use them. Finally we need to be in « real time » with our data, just because everything is changing constantly in our world. The best answer is to focus on new dashboards; the mobile dashboards. Not the ones that are only implemented on mobile or tablets, the ones that are conceived for these tools and that are also considering the mobile life: location, time, space, on and offline, disruptive facts, …

Facts and data are here to serve customer experience, having the best approach for that and the dedicated tools is the is the only way to be efficient, let’s focus on that for our brands!