First of all, I always keep in mind that the innovative businesses looking to distinguish themselves who come to me aim to create an experience, as well as enchanting the reception of a sales point, federate, seduce and shape client faithfulness in a different way. The olfactory signature is part of the sensitive and emotional experience which allows to build a strong tie between a brand or enterprise and the clientele. I am then guided by a very clear project: being welcoming through originality makes the client faithful, through the offering of a unique and pleasant experience as soon as they walk into a sales point. He must not only feel welcome, but also capture the olfactory image of the company. From the time the customer walks in, magic must happen. Here, bonhomie and wellness must be the most important keys words. This, while at the same time taking care of collaborators who work at the locations and really prioritize a quality of life within the workplace.

Then the client must express their needs. This is no simple task as I must appropriate its values, philosophy, positions and objectives; then, embody them within a perfume. This same perfume must come into harmony with the place or the brand and be useful for the wellbeing of others. As well as this, I must insert peculiar demand which is the purpose of the perfume, and that is to be perceived, recognized, much like a visual logo to which we grow fond of. Therefore, outside of the fragrance – which is made of 100% natural and organic raw materials only! – and the pleasure created when it is breathed in, the goal is also to fulfill other promises like purifying, toning or relaxing properties which care for clients and collaborators.

To begin, I need a first meeting to familiarize myself with the chairmen and get a feel for the public space. I try to imagine and translate “the soul” of the establishment. For this exclusive composition which must therefore only speak of one brand, my first approach as “aroma troublemaker” is to find which raw materials best compliment this embodiment. I then look for associations and harmony within these materials. I imagine these saluting each other, finding their places and tuning themselves in accordance with the rules of the tradition of alchemy. The proportions and dosages get clearer in my mind and subtly adjust themselves in accordance with the desired balance. And so, on my canvas, made of aromas and musical notes is created this olfactory music which is the perfume.

As a perfume artist, I am blessed with a rich pallet of natural and organic raw materials at my disposal: CO2 extracts, natural and organic vegetal extracts and essential oils. This panel enables me to create perfumes created with ancestral “savoir-faire” passed on from fine and traditional perfumery. And so, because CO2 and vegetal extracts allow me to give homage to the vegetal aspect of this, I also associate all the salutary effects of essential oils, which bring a whole new dimension of health and wellness to my perfumes.

In the following step, 3 propositions are presented to the chairmen, most often in my presence, to best identify their feeling to the perfumes and their emotions. It is once the perfume validated that I write its story as well as benefits. Our pharmacy and toxicology experts produce all the necessary documents that approve the perfume to be put on the market and therefore go into fabrication, process during which I also follow up for an optimal translation to be rendered. The perfume is then delivered to the client, all that remains is to diffuse the fragrance depending on wants and needs, these can also become candles, ambiance sprays, perfumed cards, etc…

In my method of working, I undeniably have olfactory preferences. Working in the line of perfumery has taught me that everything has its place. Even a smell that is ordinarily thought of as “unpleasant” can, in dissolution and association with other raw materials, be useful if not essential in the creation of a perfume. With the years, I try to escape my comfort zone to surprise myself in an artistic fashion. The audacity and curiosity are grand assets in the art of fine perfumery.

Each perfume transmits my dreams and choice as a master-eco perfumer, for which I made an engagement to my clients as well as to the planet to offer well-being and pleasure, preserve the environment, the vegetal kingdom and its riches. As a side note, I add to this gait that my researches in aromatherapy allow me to proclaim and affirm the benefits and healthy properties of essential oils. This to say that the home signatures implies for each fragrance, the creation of an actual “well-being” perfume in the truest sense. My objective: offer useful, living perfumes, with a mission to purify as well as revitalize or relax the people who smell it. This is my promise as eco-perfumer and aromatologist.

I would like to be clear! The case is not to oppose synthetic fragrances to natural fragrances. Creating natural and organic fragrances is a different school; it has a whole other purpose: giving homage to the living and natural original perfumes which offer an added value which is the health aspect. I have the determination, to only, and I say this seriously, use 100% natural and organic noble raw materials, therefore never touched by pesticides.

During my journey as an insatiably curious perfume artist, I have been in contact with all forms of molecules and know to great extent the synthetic products which offer some extraordinary artistic possibilities. These molecules favor remembrance to no equal. But at a personal level, I have chosen another path: that of the production of fair trade, organic raw materials, in touch with human beings and nature.

And after, as there is always an after and an inevitable result with diffused perfume at sales locations, is a privileged pleasure for me to live and share the return of a clients as well as that of collaborators. Luckily, the later has been found to be my best aromatic advocate as long as they have the heart to explain the genesis of the perfume and its salutary effects to the clientele. It is one of my biggest prides, like that of seeing a perfume develop and multiply into different variations of products and above all to artistically participate in the brand’s history.

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JEAN-CHARLES SOMMERARD is The artist at Sevessence. Whether in fashion design or sensory signatures, a prestigious house is always embodied by a talented artist. The artist at Sevessence is Jean-Charles Sommerard, eco-perfumer and creator of aromas for over 25 years. "Aromagitator" Jean-Charles Sommerard is an assembler of aromas. A lover of essential oils and floral waters, he has been carrying the tradition and know-how of his art for over 25 years. Today he is the creator of sensory worlds at Sevessence; its sensory identity virtuoso and its creator wellbeing. Creator of sensory worlds Jean-Charles Sommerard creates purpose-composed sensory signatures for businesses in harmony with their brand and according to their needs. 100% natural organic olfactory, cosmetic and culinary signatures made from essential oils. He assembles compositions which promote well-being, are original and environmentally responsible and which are hugely successful with reputed brands. The organic age Jean-Charles Sommerard is the personification of the new organic age. Among others, he has created Floradrink’s® (organic cosmetic floral waters for skincare) and Aromacooks® (100% organic and fair trade aromatic cooking oils) and has dedicated his life to the world of scents, flavours and aromatherapy.