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Founding President of the eCOM events, Stéphane Ricoul has been committed to the digital economy for years. After having worked in the Information and Communication Technologies world at the beginning of his career, and later in digital agencies, Stéphane is currently taking up the challenge of getting every CEO of every Quebec company to ask himself the right questions before deciding to undertake a shift towards the digital economy. To this end he is now also managing the Digital Accelerator, a decision support company for executives. For nearly 10 years now, he has pursued the goal of having a thriving Quebec digital society, with a focus on an enriching, rewarding and above all, respectful human customer experience.
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When The Digital Economy Shakes Up Innovation

Every year, our businesses invest colossal sums in R&D (also known as innovation). Obviously, these sums are subsidised to a fair extent by our...