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Régine Vanheems is author of articles and books in marketing and distribution, and specialist in distribution and physical and connected commerce. She has carried out numerous studies on the multi / cross / omni-channel, on the digitization of the purchase act and on connected retail. Her research analyzes the evolutions in the behavior of consumers and shoppers with regards to technologies and the digitization of the purchasing act. As a pioneer on these subjects, her writings have been rewarded on several occasions in the United States and France. At the end of 2015 Régine published a book entitled "Successful cross-channel and omni-channel strategy for brands and connected companies" (awarded in 2016 by the FCA as a "remarkable publication"). After having co-directed the Management Research Laboratory of SORBONNE (PRISM-SORBONNE laboratory), Régine, PhD in Management Sciences, Associate Professor of Universities, co-founded the Observatory of Connected Commerce. Régine regularly takes the floor as a speaker at trade shows, organizations and trade institutes. She also speaks at conferences for companies (B to C and B to B) whether for brands, service companies or solution providers. Régine teaches marketing and commerce at the Sorbonne, the University of Lyon 3 and the ESCP-Europe.
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The phygital conciergerie to strengthen the brand-consumer relationship

In is this era of proliferating "devices" and "touchpoints" (points of contact), customers enjoy a new autonomy and freedom to buy anything, anywhere, at...
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Are all experiences really worthwhile? or The golden triangle of experience,...

Once again this year, ‘experience’ seems to be the keyword in the world of marketing and trade. Retailers are thus encouraged to offer their customers...