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Melissa Gonzalez is Retail Strategist & Pop-Up Architect™, CEO of The Lionesque Group and author of The Pop Up Paradigm: "How Brands Can Build Human Connections in a Digital Age". Following a period where Gonzalez juggled both a Wall Street career at Credit Suisse and co-hosting BET’s Latin Beat, she has become the go-to retail and pop-up architect for brands looking to either launch their brand, test new markets or insert their brand into strategic conversations. Beginning with the vision of the branded experience, Melissa guides clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the pop-up experience. She and her team have produced over 100 pop-up stores since 2009. Gonzalez is also the Chief Pop-Up Architect 22 City Link, Virginia’s first ever smart city, and is the co-founder of THE MARKET at the Roger Smith Hotel, a renovated and innovative space for pop-up retail, which has grown from one to four storefronts since inception in 2010. Outside of helping clients exceed their goals, she is a regular contributor on ABC LA Radio and is one of IBM’s Retail Futurists. She has been awarded Retail Touch Point’s 2015 Retail Innovator of the Year, the Wall Street Journal’s Donor of the Day, one the top 20 Most Inspiring People in New York City and one of the Top 100 Young CEO's- via Our Time's White House Initiative. Her client’s works has been awarded the Clio Image for Experiential Engagement and the New York Design Award for Branded Experiences.
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