A new era is opening up before us. Physical retailing is joining forces with digital retailing to create a retail experience focused on à la carte services. As borders are being eradicated, the winners are the hyper-connected consumers in search of experiences. Retailers are looking to create a symbiosis with the individual – what we call Augmented Retail, the theme of the 2016 Paris Retail Week.

With the arrival of digital technology in our daily lives, new opportunities of consumption through mobile tools are emerging and expanding. These moments of transition between two activities are opening up the way to a new form of shopping, one which is increasingly online, connected and ultra-personalised.

What are these new consumption times, are they the same as 10 years ago? When do French people want to consume, and how?

How can brands become a long-lasting feature of these moments and become the consumer’s discrete personal shopper? How must they focus on augmented retail to offer shopping experiences in line with consumers’ expectations?

In a survey conducted with OpinionWay1, Paris Retail Week shed light on these new instants of consumption and consumers’ expectations.

Its findings are shown in the info-graphics below.

Key lessons which can be drawn from this survey:

  • Resolutely digital, consumption is being reinvented in online shopping, which is entering the daily micro-moments of a new consumer who wishes to consume whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want.
  • To attract this new consumer’s interest, the brand must take a consumer service approach and become the consumer’s personal assistant while respecting their privacy, not invading it. This “augmented commerce” dynamic must be based on the 6 E’s (experience, emotion, exclusivity, engagement, ethics and exchange) in order to attract the consumer of today and tomorrow.
  • Nonetheless, while these resources are powerful, the brands must not forget the fundamentals that lead to lasting consumer attachment: product satisfaction and the ability to adapt to the zeitgeist, which still prevail over all forms of exchange.

1 Any publication of all or part of this survey must include the following statement in full: “OpinionWay Survey for Paris Retail Week” and no reproduction shall be permitted without this statement.

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Sophie LUBET graduated in art history, completed a Master in Communication and a Postgraduate degree in New Media from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. In 1992, she immersed in the universe of events after a transit in BDDP agency. Sophie Lubet then joined the COMEXPOSIUM group, one of the world leaders in the organization of events involved in more than 170 BtoC and Bto events and worked on various French and international leading exhibitions around new technologies, design, specialty retail, industry and services. Since 2014, Sophie LUBET is Director of the Retail division at Comexposium. This division includes Paris Retail Week, the One-To-One Monaco e-commerce event and I-Media Brand Summit Biarritz. Save the date for the next Paris Retail Week event: 10 to 12 September 2018 - www.parisretailweek.com