In a survey sent to 900 respondents across 15 countries, EQUIPMAG’s Soon Soon Soon report was built up to understand the shopping habits of tomorrow, in order to help retailers for a better service for their customers and to answer their needs.

The report identifies five distinct shopper profiles, categorized by emerging behaviors and lifestyles, and then distinguished through a series of concrete marketing innovations.


The five consumer profiles are:ss


For this first article on the blog in our series of analyses, we’ll focus on profile #1: The Vigi-Shopper, or “Watcher.”


sThe Vigi-Shopper is an attentive and conscientious consumer who is looking for consistency and transparency.


First and foremost, he wants to check brands’ seriousness. He takes the time to scrutinize packaging and compare prices, origins, labels, components, etc. He checks that all the information given by brands – like packaging and ads – is correct and up-to-date. He is also vigilant about products quality, tracking and likes a lot of labels and allegations.

Tech-savvy, though not highly connected, the Vigi-Shopper is pragmatic and fancy’s it is his duty as a consumer to report on forums and dedicated communities. He wants to let other consumers know about his opinion on a product. In this way, the Vigi-Shopper contributes to product improvement and challenges brands to be active and transparent in their communications.


Brands can attract loyalty (and therefore, sales) by providing information as clearly, quickly, and relevant as possible. Such information makes shopping a simple and enjoyable experience for the Vigi-Shopper. This kind of consumer is delighted by solid guarantees and a brand that listens to them.

Five initiatives that enhance the purchasing experience for the Vigi-Shopper:

  • Offer a mobile app that allows the consumer to analyze food before buying by scanning different products for composition

  • Analyze fruits and vegetables to identify if they are organic and detect the presence of polluting particles, making public all findings

  • Give the consumer the opportunity to compare prices and create a trustworthy environment by being transparent and consistent (online and offline price differences, etc.)

  • Create a community forum on the retail website, open for discussion, where consumers can ask for advice in real-time

  • Give customers the opportunity to become brand ambassadors and experts to other clients – for example, dedicate a Twitter feed written only by volunteers


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