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Smart Phygital trends spotted at Paris Retail Week

Smart Phygital trends Paris Retail Week

The 4th Paris Retail Week came to an end on 12 September, after three days giving centre stage to Smart Phygital. Through encounters on the stands, conferences, keynotes and the Paris Retail Awards ceremony, retail professionals had the chance to share their experiences and discuss the trends in retailing, a sector that is constantly being reinvented.

Are department stores doomed? A case study of UK store Debenhams

Weather. Calendar shifts. Experiential spending. Retailers have many “dog ate my homework” excuses for when trading is less than stellar, but when a late snowstorm* forces you to temporarily shut over half your stores, it’s bound to impact the top line. While it’s important to acknowledge the impact of the Beast from the East, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Debenhams, like many department stores today, is struggling to stay relevant.

Start-ups are shaking up tomorrow’s retail market

A major annual event, Paris Retail Week reveals the latest trends in retailing. From 10 to 12 September, among over 700 exhibitors, some fifty start ups from France and abroad are presenting their innovations: retail tech, payment, data management, supply chain, marketing and customer relations – all the issues in retailing will be featured in the Start-up Area. The innovations reflect the breakthroughs enabling retailers to lay the foundations for the omnichannel and experiential retailing that customers are looking for.

Artificial intelligence in fashion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) played a major role at this year’s Berlin Fashion Week in July.This technique combines the individual style elements of fashion with the advantages and possibilities of functional clothing. Clothes are enabled to communicate with each other and bring advantages to the user through recommendations on posture and style. Although such garments cannot (yet) develop a fashionable taste, they can support the wearer’s taste with the appropriate data.

Paris Retail Week: #CustomerExperience – dive into Smart Phygital and enjoy new experiences!

Innovation: every sector is touched by this key challenge.

The difference between invention and innovation lies in its being adopted by the public. With this in mind and to pursue this idea, the new 2018 edition of Paris Retail Week, which will be held from 10 to 12 September, places extraordinary emphasis on pilot projects and novelties which the public will soon find in stores. 

A pleasurable, fun opportunity to discover and test shopping experiences privileging real relationships with customers! Be it digitalization, robotization or AI, retail is undergoing dramatic changes which do not fail to surprise. Spotlight on novelties which may appeal to you for upcoming report topics.

The opportunities of going “local” How the Starbucks Shanghai flagship store got it right

Shanghai, unlike New York, Paris or London, is one of those holiday destinations people do not always agree upon. However, I was quite excited last May to visit once again this bustling city where seven years prior I had had the opportunity to both live and work. As a passionate retail designer, I have found very few places in the world that integrate changes in consumption trends so quickly. And once again, this visit did not disappoint!

The ever-changing face of retail: future challenges and opportunities

The retail ecosystem is in the middle of a huge and unprecedented transformation. Almost every stage of the entire retail process, from the moment a product is created until it is bought, is quickly evolving. Shopping experiences, both online and in-store, are going multi-channel, consumer preferences are relentlessly changing and worldwide retailers are trying to adapt their strategies to the latest demands.

Do fashion retailers understand how men shop?

According to research and reports, men’s fashion is a growing market segment and men are an interesting target group. They increasingly do have a clothing budget, are quite demanding, prove to be somewhat less sensitive to price and promotion, more to brands.

Luxury’s Online Future Revealed in 5 Brands

Online is the next frontier for luxury brands. It’s where luxury brands can find their next path to growth, but for a variety of reasons they have been notoriously slow to follow it. As an industry steeped in heritage and tradition, change doesn’t come naturally to it, but in today’s dynamically changing consumer market, that is exactly what luxury brands must do.

E-commerce: why professional training can lead you and your team to the top

As with anything digital, e-commerce is constantly changing. While many things can be learnt “on the job”, the opportunity to explore new territories is not always there.

Thankfully, here is how keeping up with e-commerce trends through professional training can boost your career development goals.