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What We’ve Learned From 1,000 Years Of Shopping

Jamaa el Fna Square (c) bigstock
Jamaa el Fna Square (c) bigstock

Jamaa el Fna is one of the world’s oldest marketplaces. People have gathered in this space continually for more than 1,000 years. It’s so special that UNESCO has declared it a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Culture of Humanity.” It stands as a reminder that shopping in marketplaces is an ancient human activity performed every day, everywhere, in every part of the world. So what can we learn from a place like this?

How Influencer Marketing can be used to Boost your Product Sales

(c) pixabay
(c) pixabay

Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to increase their exposure and visibility to boost their eventual profitability. One of these new techniques that brings brands and companies an increased amount of traffic and clientele is influencer marketing. It allows to touch upon different audiences, via different channels that might have been unreachable before.

When The Digital Economy Shakes Up Innovation

(c) pixabay
(c) pixabay

Every year, our businesses invest colossal sums in R&D (also known as innovation). Obviously, these sums are subsidised to a fair extent by our governments, as it is innovation which really makes the difference, and it is out of difference that business success is achieved.

The phygital conciergerie to strengthen the brand-consumer relationship

(c) istock
(c) istock

In is this era of proliferating “devices” and “touchpoints” (points of contact), customers enjoy a new autonomy and freedom to buy anything, anywhere, at any time based on desires and constraints. The counterpart of this freedom is “putting the customer to work everywhere and anywhere” where someone did it for him before, he now has to do it himself”. This fragmented shopping experience means increasingly complex shopping trips, which can be anxiety-provoking and generate a loss of meaning.

Paris Retail Tour #1: The Reinvented – impressions by an American

The first #ParisRetailWeek store tour on September 19th featured an itinerary of eclectic brands which embody the show theme of « Live Retail » and prioritize the customer experience.

The tour focused on the discovery of retail spaces which have resolutely chosen an interactive, customer-driven, and immersive approach, offering consumers a new vision of the product and creating a dedicated world. They model unique ways in which retailers are extending their relationships and exchanges with consumers, thereby increasing added value.

Here is a review in pictures of the tour I had the chance to join as “special reporter” from the US.

How Paris brings retail to life

We hear it more and more often: physical retail is increasingly about creating experiences. It’s not for nothing that ‘Live Retail’ was central in Paris Retail Week held in last September. The ever-growing knowledge concerning consumers enables retailers to offer highly personalised shopping experiences, is the idea. A round of the various new shopping concepts in the French capital shows that ‘creating an experience’ can be interpreted in many different ways.

It’s retail, but not as we know it…

During Paris Retail Week, it’s always a good idea to participate in one of the Paris Retail Tours, especially when it is guided by a renowned retail expert (Patrick Russo on this occasion) and it promises to present ‘atypical’ retail concepts. As was the case on 20 September.

Trends spotted at Paris Retail Week

© Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
© Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

Over three days of intense discussions, the third edition of Paris Retail Week (19-21 September) brought together players from physical and online retail.

Focusing on the theme of Live Retail, this year’s event spotlighted how new technologies and data, notably thanks to AI, virtual reality and augmented reality, have become central in the retail sector while continuing to provide the authentic, human and experience-based service that customers want.

Fashion and internet: findings of the Fevad-IFM survey

At the opening of Paris Retail Week (September 19-21), Fevad and the French Fashion Institute (IFM) presented the results of the latest survey on fashion consumption. This articles resumes its major findings.

Paris Retail Tours: What Paris has in store…

As part of Paris Retail Week (19-21 Sept.2017), 2 store tours were proposed to attendees alongside the exhibition to discover several stores situated in prestigious Parisian districts.

Here is a roundup of the stores which were selected based on their innovative character, new technologies deployed, differentiating design or merchandising set up to capture and accompany visitors, making buying a unique, global and seamless experience.