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The ever-changing face of retail: future challenges and opportunities

The retail ecosystem is in the middle of a huge and unprecedented transformation. Almost every stage of the entire retail process, from the moment a product is created until it is bought, is quickly evolving. Shopping experiences, both online and in-store, are going multi-channel, consumer preferences are relentlessly changing and worldwide retailers are trying to adapt their strategies to the latest demands.

Do fashion retailers understand how men shop?

According to research and reports, men’s fashion is a growing market segment and men are an interesting target group. They increasingly do have a clothing budget, are quite demanding, prove to be somewhat less sensitive to price and promotion, more to brands.

Luxury’s Online Future Revealed in 5 Brands

Online is the next frontier for luxury brands. It’s where luxury brands can find their next path to growth, but for a variety of reasons they have been notoriously slow to follow it. As an industry steeped in heritage and tradition, change doesn’t come naturally to it, but in today’s dynamically changing consumer market, that is exactly what luxury brands must do.

E-commerce: why professional training can lead you and your team to the top

As with anything digital, e-commerce is constantly changing. While many things can be learnt “on the job”, the opportunity to explore new territories is not always there.

Thankfully, here is how keeping up with e-commerce trends through professional training can boost your career development goals.

5 top e-commerce skills in high demand for 2019

Because the digital landscape is forever changing, e-commerce businesses have no other choice than to do the same. Because needs for specific skills come and go, here is what e-commerce businesses are on the lookout for in 2019.

Lessons learned from two of the best brick and mortar retailers

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I am as guilty as the rest of the bloggers and pundits. The latest headlines on Amazon’s innovation for Go stores or Amazon delivery suck the air out the rest of retail. However, what if you are not Amazon, and don’t have the profitability of cloud services to fund retail stores? Is the rest of retail doomed to an impeding apocalypse?

Sustainable fashion: utopia or a real possibility?

With a greater and growing public awareness of our planet and the general global ecosystem, ‘sustainability’ has secured its place on the current hot topic list across many industries – and the retail sector is no exception. Driven by consumers’ compassionate behaviour and the need for transparency, the industry is on the cusp of major change. To imagine a utopian sustainable retail landscape is a hugely positive thing to strive towards, even if somewhat unrealistic.

Wake up Belgium

Comeos, the Belgian Federation for retail and services, published their annual study about e-commerce in Belgium. According to this latest survey, for the first time in four years, we can observe an increase in e-commerce penetration. Other key findings from this study show among other things that Belgian consumers are less and less scared of e-commerce, additionally they aren’t too concerned with data privacy, and also, it seems that mobiles and tablets are finally getting used more and more for online purchases.

Basically it all sounds good right? Well, not really if you ask me. Obviously this study shows that e-commerce in Belgium is progressing, but we should look at the bigger picture, and to be honest Belgium falls behind on many levels.

Retail under siege

If you want to see what retail will look like down the line, look at the UK. It’s not a pretty sight. Last November I started my retail distress list. I am now well down my fourth A4 page listing casualties across every sector of the industry. Why is this so extreme in the UK? Many will blame Brexit but the core reason is structural.

3 Trends Shaping the Future of Retail for Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Brands in China

Retail in China has taken a step further into experiential retail and retailtainment.

New innovative shops in China are not only offering products to be bought but are also giving consumers a totally immersive entertainment experience driven by uses of new technology and the integration of online and offline campaigns.