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The New Converged Retail Environment

© Lionesque Group
© Lionesque Group

Brick and mortar continues to redefine itself with an updated look thanks to the Internet of Things driving customer engagement with tactile and sensorial experiences and turning the store back into a competitive advantage for brands and retailers. Hardware and software companies are working hard to stay ahead of the technology curve that continues to drive consumer demands and expectations. But while, companies like IBM, Intel and Elo are leading the charge, only about 20 percent of retailers can currently provide a highly personalized and digitally integrated in-store shopping experience.

The Growth of Women in the Workforce and How Retailers Can Respond

Stock photo © Rawpixel Ltd
Stock photo © Rawpixel Ltd

Today we’re looking at a global shift I call the “mother of all trends:” there are more women in the paid labor force than at any other time in history. If you’re in retail, this is the trend that drives just about everything else, and something you should be monitoring closely. Why? Every time a woman takes a job outside the home, her spending patterns are altered. Not only does she increase her personal and household income, she may travel a different direction on the roadways, wear different clothes, eat different foods, shop at retailers further from home (as well as online), involve other people in caring for her children if she’s a mother, and have a different relationship with money. And that’s just for starters. Consider the following:

From elegant to hip – retail on the Rhine: a selection of must-see stores in Düsseldorf

© Textschwester
© Textschwester

Long known as a city of elegant fashion, Düsseldorf has since discovered its hip, gritty side. Take the time to look around downtown and savour the unique blend of the exclusive flair of the “Kö” – insider-speak for the high-fashion boulevard Königsallee – and the new trend-district Flingern. The Retail Academy has put together a list of Düsseldorf’s most exciting stores:

Aldi goes online in China

Confucius says: Aldi cometh soon - © Claudio Zaccherini/Shutterstock
Confucius says: Aldi cometh soon - © Claudio Zaccherini/Shutterstock

Nín hǎo, Aldi, a nation of savers awaits you! Germany’s most profitable discounter is opening an online shop in the People’s Republic of China.

Employment: Retail playing a decisive role in the French economy

Thanks to sustained activity and recruitment which has been constantly rising for several years, the retail sector, both physical and online, has become a dominant force within the French economy.

How Brick and Mortar Retail Can Play to its Strengths

© BigStock
© BigStock

“How can we compete against e-commerce?”

That’s the question I hear most often from traditional retailers. As a frequent speaker on the subject of marketing and selling to women, the subject comes up in most of the conferences I attend.  And while there are many strategies in play, I often see retailers overlooking their most obvious opportunity: to make their stores such a great experience to visit that people will want to spend time their time and money in them.

Fevad’s 2016 review of e-commerce in France: The 70 billion mark has been reached

According to the study presented end of January by FEVAD to the Ministry of the Economy and Industry, online sales have continued to increase in 2016.

E-commerce reached 72 billion euro in 2016

In total, French people spent 72 billion euro on the Internet in 2016, up 14.6% over one year, confirming a fresh burst of growth. The one billion mark of transactions online was reached in 2016 with an increase of 23%. This represents 33 transactions per second.

Retail Inspirations from New York

Paris Retail Week and iloveretail.fr organised for LSA* a store tour of New York’s most innovative retail concepts.

Almost fifty stores were part of this journey including brands like Adidas, Capital One Bank, Eataly, Target, Cadillac House, Devialet, Maille, Purch, Spectacles, Sonos, Suit Supply, Under Armour, etc.

Discover in this article a selection of stores which stand out by their innovative character, by new technologies implemented, by a specific design or merchandising.

Paris Retail Week 2017 : 4 questions to Sophie Lubet

From 19 to 21 September 2017 Paris will once again be the trendsetting meeting place for all retail professionals with the third edition of Paris Retail Week being held at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center.

More than an event, Paris Retail Week is now the unmissable highlight of the autumn for chains, brands and e-retailers at an international level.

Sophie Lubet, Director of the Retail Department at Comexposium Group, tells us what is has in store.

Social networks: the future champions of e-commerce?

Social is becoming increasingly synonymous with retail.
Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, they are all announcing their ambitions to become retailers and to monetise the heavy traffic which they generate. The key: more impulsive buying and a better conversion rate for retailers.