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In a survey sent to 900 respondents across 15 countries, EQUIPMAG’s Soon Soon Soon report was built up to understand the shopping habits of tomorrow, in order to help retailers for a better service for their customers and to answer their needs.

The report identifies five distinct shopper profiles, categorized by emerging behaviors and lifestyles, and then distinguished through a series of concrete marketing innovations.

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Whether you are shopping, having a candlelit dinner, waiting for a bus or to see a doctor in an urgent care clinic, our brains are busy at work processing the environment around us and forming emotional responses to all that stimulates our five senses. Neural structures that have developed for decoding sensory information, exhibiting empathy, perceiving patterns, and seeing in pictures have a direct influence on the design of all of these places.

There is no doubt that digital media is an exciting new tool in the experience designer’s toolbox. The pervasiveness of digital media and its integration to our lives is having an effect on the structure of our brains as well as our physical environments. Digital place-based media, handheld devices and emerging technologies are changing the way retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and myriad other businesses, need to communicate with their customers.

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Director of the Retail Department at Comexposium Group
– What are the current and future issues and evolutions for tomorrow’s retail industry? 

We are actually living the creation of a real multi-channel retail, even if the subject has been discussed for the past 3 years.

Multi-channel retail, pretty much like E-commerce, truly involves an entire business activity being renovated under the impact of the ATAWAD (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device) revolution. Traditional channels are being questioned. Consumers are reinventing retail through its usages, with the help of technology innovation and social media.

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The First European Global Tradeshow for Online and Offline Retailers

Comexposium announces the first edition of Paris Retail Week, to be held from Sept. 21 to Sept. 23 at Paris. This event, unique in Europe, gathers two tradeshows for the first time: E-Commerce Paris and Digital(in)Store by Equipmag.
These events bring together traditional commerce and e-commerce professionals from all around the world. The content is focused on helping industry players to adapt to the major changes brought by digitalization and mobile.
Comexposium expects 35,000 attendees and 550 exhibitors this year.