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At the start of my career, I chose for the path of self-employment and entrepreneurship in FMCG and Consumer Brands. My career started in the challenging world of the trade press at. At the editor I worked for, I contributed to reinvent the strategies and methodologies of the company, and set up the sales team, of which I quickly took the lead. This experience gave me a great overview of the FMCG and Retail world. To further enhance my experience, I entered the field-marketing world where I continued to use my sales skills. In that period I gained operational experience and knowledge in organising instore promotions, and sales and merchandising teams. To ensure my network’s expansion and to always stay abreast of the latest trends, I make sure to attend any major events of the sector. These provide me with unique insights and findings about our beloved retail industry, and I gladly share them via my blog 20/CENT Retail.
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Disruption is the word These are marvelous and exciting times to be in the retail industry, isn’t it? Today is often described as a period...