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Oliver Prothmann –President of Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V. (BVOH) and Chairman of Choice and eCommerce – Oliver has been active in the digital world for more than 15 years. He is an expert on online trade, especially with regards to online marketplaces. Oliver Prothmann worked as the director of the city portals BerlinOnline and He was in charge for the first internet banking of the “Berliner Sparkasse” (Savings Bank) and the online marketplace ElectronicScout24 for T-Online (Deutsche Telekom). As one of Germany’s leading eCommerce specialists Prothmann was responsible for the business retailers of eBay and PayPal for many years. Today he is the general manager of Applet–X GmbH which offers eCommerce-consultancy. Since 2014 he has been the president of German Federal Association of Online Trade (BVOH), an association representing German small and medium-sized marketplaces sellers. In the past years he observed that an alarming and growing number of online retailers is suffering from online sales restrictions. His passion for trade in general and his sympathy for online retailers moved him to initiate a petition that was handed out to Olli Rehn, former Vice President of the EU Parliament. This is how Choice in eCommerce became his political project to help online retailers to fight for a free trade.

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eCommerce is established and here to stay. In more and more countries consumers want to search for and purchase products on the Internet. Everyone...