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Mike Dawson is a multi-lingual print & online journalist as well as a trade conference speaker & moderator specialised in international retailing & the fmcg industry. For the last 27 years, the London-born Brit has worked in a variety of roles for Germany’s largest B2B publisher, dfv Media Group, based in Frankfurt. Mike Dawson is currently International Desk Editor of dfv Media Group’s principal publication Lebensmittel Zeitung, the leading print and online medium in the German-speaking retail trade. He is also managing editor of German Retail Blog, providing a light-hearted, quirky, but hopefully also insightful view of the industry. In both these capacities he has interviewed most of the great & good in international retailing and the consumer goods manufacturing.
(c) Frank Walker/dpa: Kaufland Down Under: This imaginary scene could happen soon in Sydney

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"Strewth, cobber, another one's coming!" This, or similar, could be the reaction of Crocodile Dundee on hearing that German discounter Kaufland will be arriving...
Confucius says: Aldi cometh soon - © Claudio Zaccherini/Shutterstock

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Nín hǎo, Aldi, a nation of savers awaits you! Germany's most profitable discounter is opening an online shop in the People's Republic of China. The...
©crédit photo : Starship

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Women may find the male fetish for technology generally tedious, but perhaps they should give a guy, who sends them flowers by drone, at least a...