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JEAN-CHARLES SOMMERARD is The artist at Sevessence. Whether in fashion design or sensory signatures, a prestigious house is always embodied by a talented artist. The artist at Sevessence is Jean-Charles Sommerard, eco-perfumer and creator of aromas for over 25 years. "Aromagitator" Jean-Charles Sommerard is an assembler of aromas. A lover of essential oils and floral waters, he has been carrying the tradition and know-how of his art for over 25 years. Today he is the creator of sensory worlds at Sevessence; its sensory identity virtuoso and its creator wellbeing. Creator of sensory worlds Jean-Charles Sommerard creates purpose-composed sensory signatures for businesses in harmony with their brand and according to their needs. 100% natural organic olfactory, cosmetic and culinary signatures made from essential oils. He assembles compositions which promote well-being, are original and environmentally responsible and which are hugely successful with reputed brands. The organic age Jean-Charles Sommerard is the personification of the new organic age. Among others, he has created Floradrink’s® (organic cosmetic floral waters for skincare) and Aromacooks® (100% organic and fair trade aromatic cooking oils) and has dedicated his life to the world of scents, flavours and aromatherapy.

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First of all, I always keep in mind that the innovative businesses looking to distinguish themselves who come to me aim to create an...