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Marketing To Women: Are You Behind The Curve Or Leading The Pack?

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When it comes to growing your business with the world’s most powerful consumers, are you behind the curve, keeping up or leading the pack? The following six questions are a great way to kick-start your thinking, whether marketing to women is a new effort for your company or you’re building on a strong base.

Shopper Observer Havas Paris / Paris Retail Week presents the latest retail trends

Global flagship event dedicated to trade professionals, the third edition of Paris Retail Week throws open its doors from 19 to 21 September next at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. After having announced, back in May this year, three key retail trends observed in 2017, with a new focus firmly centre staged on the human aspect, Paris Retail Week presents the second part of its Shopper Observer Havas Paris[1] insights, the watchdog for consumer behaviour and trade innovations, hand-in-hand with Havas Paris.

Virtual/Augmented reality and retail: not there yet but a few good ideas

In times like these, many like to describe the changes our beloved retail industry is experiencing with the term disruption. Thanks to new technologies, and new developments many believe the industry of tomorrow will be totally different compared to today.

Live Retail, Virtual Reality, AI, Business and training on the programme of Paris Retail Week

The leading event for the European online and offline retail community, Paris Retail Week will present from 19 to 21 September all of the sector’s latest trends. Several renowned industry leaders are lined up to speak at this 2017 show through a range of conference formats.

Visitors will have plenty of opportunities to discover concrete solutions to optimise their activities and enhance their skills through best practices or training. A roundup of the unmissable events of Paris Retail Week 2017.

Are all experiences really worthwhile? or The golden triangle of experience, an analytical framework to reinvent the customer experience.

Women carrying shoppings bags and using smartphone, Retail, Shopping, Women, Only Women, Fashion, texting, smartphone, city

Once again this year, ‘experience’ seems to be the keyword in the world of marketing and trade.

New payment mode in retail

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CC0 Public Domain

Customers can enjoy ease in the way they pay their transactions as nowadays payment method are developed beyond the traditional wallet content. Indeed, new technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication) or RFC (Radio Frequency Identification) have allowed new payment method to emerge. The end of cheques, coins and banknotes?

When It Comes To Marketing, Women Are The Original Social Network

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Women participate more on major social networks – including Facebook – than men do, according to a Pew Research study of U.S. online users.

Concept Stores Berlin – a selection curated by The Retail Academy

Riascente in Milan or Merci in Paris – the concept store trend was recognized early on in other countries. Berlin – being the German playing field of retail with the most international influences – was its first port of entry in Germany. Today, the capital boasts an impressive array of concept stores in all shapes and sizes. The Retail Academy has compiled a list of Berlin’s must-see concept stores.

Concepts stores have been gaining traction for years. But what exactly is a concept store? Is it enough to open a “store with a concept,” or what does the term imply? The Retail Academy takes a closer look.

Five questions to uncover the state of Machine learning?

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CC0 Public Domain

To define Machine Learning very simply, one can refer to Arthur Samuel, pioneer in the field of computer science, who already spoke about the concept as early as 1959. According to M. Samuel, machine learning is the subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

The World Market for Digital Signage

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(c) istock

In  this article Paris Retail Week’s partner the French Digital Media Club shares the key figures from the latest Digital Signage & Professional Displays Market Analysis made by IHS Markit*.